Rock Band Saved Their Marriage

Rock Band Saved Their Marriage

XBox is the cause and solution to a marriage's problems.

We bumped into a great article on Salon today. A woman feels like her marriage is going down the virtual crapper because her husband is a video game nut. And his noise-canceling headphones had her at wits end. Though he probably saw the headphones as a gift to her (so she wouldn't have to listen to him seeing his enemy driven before him and hear the lamentation of their women), she thought they were an affront to her person and womanhood in general.

That changed with a little game called Rock Band. We'll let the author tell you her story: Rock Band (or how I learned to stop worrying and love the Xbox).

We're a little surprised that there hasn't been more of an effort by the game manufacturers to market more to couples. Games like Dance Dance Revolution (DDR, son), Rock Band, and Guitar Hero are great for cooperative/ competitive play. And, unlike Halo, there are very few alien worlds to be conquered, removing some of the dork-factor stigma. And Nintendo's Wii is A) a tennis-elbow class-action suit waiting to happen; and B) something that couples could conceivably enjoy together.

Sure there's a fantasy element, but isn't playing Street Fighter better than getting in street fights? Or playing Grand Theft Auto better than committing it? There is an entire generation of men that have played video games as a way bond when sports aren't on TV (rather than playing cards and sometimes as a supplement to bong hits). Sure, video game addiction probably exists but how much different is playing a game from reading a Tom Clancy novel? And there are worse things than having strong, dexterous fingers. Classy.