Lindsay Lohan Sex Tape's 2nd Life

lindsay lohan

The Lohan family (Lindsay Lohan too) had a big week.

Lots of activity for the Lohan family. Dina Lohan (White Oprah) has that show where she and Ali Lohan do mother-daughter stuff (Living Lohan is the title but we call it Growing Up Gaudy). Michael "Road To Damascus" Lohan is dating some lady and wants more custody of the kids. But the star of the Lohan clan has a few gems this week:

1: Entertainmentwise is reporting that Lindsay Lohan was rocking an engagement ring the other day. This after getting being seen making out hard with DJ Samantha Ronson (sister of musician Mark Ronson) at Cannes. Michael "Verbal Diarrhea" Lohan says she's obviously a lesbian (a homosexual female not resident of Lesbos, Greece). Which probably doesn't sit too well with his New Born-edness. Supposedly, LiLo made sure to tell ex-boyf Calum Best about this Sapphic affair. Which leads us to…

2: The National Ledger is reporting that this sex tape thing just isn't going away. OK, it's already gone, but because of shooting schedules and editing whatnots, the scandal was the center of the premiere episode of Living Lohan (or Living La Vida Lohan). Evidently, Lindsay was referenced 20 times without actually appearing in the show. Michael "Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged" Lohan doesn’t care for the show.

In summary: the Lohan's have a new TV show, potentially a new daughter-in-law, one tough mother, and Michael "I Need Somebody To Love Me" Lohan doesn't care for any of it. Someone needs to give this guy a radio call-in show. Someone order a Coke and a hug for Michael Lohan.