Canadian Minister Sacked For Biker Chick

Canadian Minister Sacked For Biker Chick

The Foreign Minister Of Canada left documents with wild girlfriend.

Not too swift, eh? Maxime Bernier, the Foreign Minister of Canada and a man, really dropped the ball. It turns out that he left some sensitive documents at the home of his girlf. It turns out that this girlf, Julie Couillard, had previously dated some members of the Hells Angels and it was considered a 'security risk' letting classified documents remain in her presence. How would anyone find out about this though?

It turns out that Bernier and Couillard broke up and she was looking for some revenge or publicity or doing her civic duty or something. She was scheduled to do a television interview outlining Bernier's indiscretions. This Is London reports that this carelessness was really the straw that broke the camel's back.

Honestly, who among us hasn't had a crush on person with criminal connections and put jeopardized their national security somewhere along the way? It's not like he was a preacher that preached against gay stuff and it turned out was paying a gay hooker and using crystal meth with him. If Ted Haggard can be cured of his gayness and addiction to crystal meth, Mssr. Bernier can still have a productive career. Maybe the Canadian FEMA needs a new head. What a hoser.