Double V Don’t Care For Mayer

Double V Don’t Care For Mayer

Honestly, we're a week away from being asked to write all of the New York Post headlines. The Daily Goss is reporting that Vince Vaughn is not happy that Jennifer Aniston is dating John Mayer. He's under the impression that Mayer is out to make a name for himself by bedding the former Friends star. And does not like the cut of his jib.

While it could be true, we're pretty sure that John Mayer is already fairly famous and it probably wasn't for hooking up with Jessica Simpson. Though, if his plan is to climb the Hollywood ladder the old-fashioned way, he's going to have a hard time finding anyone famouser than Aniston. Would he have to nail Angelina Jolie or Madonna to beat that?

So, Double V is pissed and said, "Yeah, if he's so famous how come I never heard one of his goddamn songs?" Sure, he didn’t say that, but it seems like something one of his characters could say. We're not really buying into the veracity of this report (it was originated with the Enquirer) but there seems to be a lot of hate on John Mayer these days. One of our favorite writers (of all time, we guess), Bill Simmons, likened Mayer to Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows. In a column for ESPN, Simmons noted that Mayer is sensitive, universally loathed by regular guys for his ability to take down celebrity women, and will ideally be sweaty and overweight in 15 years. This is probably what old pimps mean by 'don't player hate, deprecate.'

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