Ellen Grills McCain On Gay Marriage

Ellen Grills McCain On Gay Marriage

Ellen wants to hear what McCain has to say about gay marriage.

Ellen Degeneres, star of the sitcom Ellen and now host of the talk show Ellen, had John McCain on yesterday. In an effort to help her guests and viewers figure out who to vote for, she's trying to get all of the candidates on her couch for a little quality time. And the presumptive Republican candidate (though no one is actively running against him, he doesn't get to be the real candidate until the convention) stopped by to say this…
They got on really well. The gay marriage 'bombshell' was pretty tame. We were sort of expecting a little more antagonism one way or the other. At any rate, McCain straddles a barely tenable position. He clearly doesn't go far enough for, say, Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi and goes way too far for the rightwing's rightwing. There have got to be some reactionaries out there that have probably are pissed off that he even went on Ellen's show, Ellen. It will be interesting to see how this how the campaign plays out. It's clear, though, that John McCain has learned the one possible lesson from Bob Dole's loss to Clinton in 1996, be personable despite your reputation. His SNL cameos were pretty good, he is old... funny and true. And don't bring up your 5+ year stay in the Hanoi Hilton. It's a downer. Here's praying that he doesn’t make any Viagra jokes. There's a certain age when we don't need to hear about your boners and that's goes double for you too, Bill Clinton.