Denise Richards Thinks Money Is Neat

Denise Richards Thinks Money Is Neat

Denise Richards, per rumor, is getting a ton of money from Charlie Sheen.

Per DListed (we're starting to love that little trick), Denise Richards is getting paid out the frame by Charlie Sheen. DListed quotes a 'source' that said that in addition to the tax-free $50k in child support that she receives from Sheen, she is also getting $60k in alimony for the next 2 years (we're guessing that 2 years is the absolute earliest she’ll marry again, for some reason), and the piece d'resistance, up to $25 million off of salary and residuals from Two And A Half Men. You can buy a lot of crazy pills with all that kablingy.

So, this E! show (Denise Richards: It's Complicated) is for walking around money? Or a hobby? Or revenge? DListed enumerates the things she'd do for that kind of loot (think 2 Girls 1 Cup) and it makes us wonder, is Denise Richards just incredibly vengeful? Was living for less than 3 years with Charlie Sheen so bad that $25 million and change didn’t ease the pain? And how the hell is Charlie Sheen making so much money? We know he's the highest paid sitcom guy now, but if she's earning $25 million off of his show, what's he pulling in? Billions? What about Seinfeld? Can't he just buy a network and get some quality programming on there?

Dina Lohan (White Oprah) is totally going to have to up her game, that is a fact.