Keanu & Winona Roll Back The Clock

Keanu & Winona Roll Back The Clock

Are Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder together?

Holy shit. Is it 1995 already? No? That happened 13 years ago. OK. For whatever reason, Keanu "I Know Kung Fu" Reeves and Winona "Sticky Fingers" Ryder are partying like oil was still $18 a barrel. Digital Spy reports that rumors abound on the set of Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves's film The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee. We’re guessing the usually; long walks, energetic hellos, hugs that last a little too long, and constant inquiry into each other's wellbeing. And they somehow always end up landing on each other when the cast and crew play spin the bottle after wrapping a shot.

So, why now? Why not like a decade and a half ago? Is this part of Keanu's hero's journey that he’s ploddingly pursued as Neo, Johnny Utah, Shane Falco, John Constantine, and Ted "Theodore" Logan? And is this just another step in Ryder's quest to find herself following up Heathers; Dracula; Reality Bites; Mr. Deeds; Star Trek; Girl, Interrupted; and Beetle Juice? Have last generation's Paul Walker and Natalie Portman, respectively, finally found what they've been looking for?

If so, they deserve it. It feels like they should have been much bigger stars but it didn't happen for a variety of reasons. His woodenness, we feel, has been unfairly panned by the media. You don’t go see one of his movies for stirring emotional attachment (they tried that, it was called Sweet November and no one liked it). And let's face it, the Ten Commandments (despite appearing in a film about them) are just not Winona's thing, man. It's not like she's killed anyone. Let's just wish them well so they don’t make a sequel to A Scanner Darkly just to hang out together, that shit was creepy.