Law & Order & Eliot & Ashley

Law & Order & Eliot & Ashley

Law & Order rips Spitzer case right from headlines.

You know that show on NBC that takes an event in the headlines, changes around a few names and facts, and presents the sombitch as a black-and-white crime with dogged good guys and smug assface criminals? Yeah, well it looks like Law & Order ripped another one right from the headlines. (Note: we're not hating on the franchise, Chris Meloni is badass in SVU). Check out the clip below and figure out which headline this was ripped from (or rather: from which headline this was ripped, right?).

 Wow. A young, handsome governor of New York that made a number of enemies in the Justice Department is brought low (low low low low low) by a prostitution scandal. He gets a chance to come clean but his arrogance doesn't let him. According to the Huffington Post, Law & Order's Sam Waterston (the DA) says the show is completely different from the Spitzer case. Case in point, there was a murder involved on the show, the governor on the show is named Donald Shalvoy not Eliot Spitzer (and Thomas Everett Scott has more hair), and the hooker in this case was Brazilian (rather than being a Caucasian New Jersey native like Ashley Dupre). So you can see how totally different?PS: Funniest part of the whole script was that Shalvoy used a friend's name as an alias for booking hotels and it was one that sounded fake (Spitzer AKA George Fox & Shalvoy AKA John McCoy). Brilliant, it's like you can't tell where the art stops and the real life begins.

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