Dylan McDermott Divorcing

Dylan McDermott Divorcing

Big Shots star Dylan McDermott is divorcing from wife Shiva Rose.

Former star of The Practice and current star of Big Shots, Dylan McDermott, is getting divorced from longtime wife Shiva Rose. The two character actors made a serious go of it but have been separated for about a year. Bummer, man. It was inevitable, after separating like a year ago Dylan McDermott and wife Shiva Rose have decided to call it quits for realsie. Evidently, their differences were unable to be reconciled. The couple has a pair of little shavers that they'll have to figure out what to do with.

According to the San Francisco Gate, the property and custody will be predetermined before the divorce goes through. It looks like everything is in a nice, neat little package, doesn't it? That wasn't sarcasm. It appears they've thought this through and are making the best decision for themselves and their family. The silver lining in this whole deal is that their marriage will, in all likelihood, outlast McDermott's show Big Shots. That is the opposite of a silver lining. Well, they are both very attractive people and will always (as long as their looks hold up) have roles as a 'that guy' and a 'that gal.' Goddammit, this is bleak. Sorry everyone, next time more puppies and ice cream. Fun Note: Despite being Persian (what we call Iranian and they speak Farsi), Shiva's name means 'friendly' in Sanskrit and is sometimes the god of destruction and rebirth in the Hindu faith. If we were cleverer, we'd figure out some way to make a connection between getting divorced and a deity involved with death and resurrection.