Lydia Hearst Likes A Man In Uniform

Lydia Hearst Likes A Man In Uniform

The newest Gossip Girl is supporting the troops in her own way.

We just caught the Gossip Girl season finale a day late (it's not like we watch that show) and noticed a cameo by a certain member of the America's greatest publishing dynasty. And it wasn't Arthur Sulzberger (though he is in the news with his divorce per the NY Observer). It was Lydia Hearst (her mom was the one that got the Stockholm Syndrome back the 70's and robbed them banks). And it looks like she'll be riling up the newly tamed Chuck Bass as a sexy interior decorator (as if there is any other kind). But, in real life, Hearst likes a man in uniform. And not just any man in uniform (sucks for her, it's Fleet Week here in NYC, bitches), but a chopper pilot that goes by the handle Matt Rains (that's him in the couture camouflage with urban jungle face paint).

According to the New York Post's Page Six, Hearst thinks Rains is quite boss. She is planning some USO events for Rains as he's heading to Iraq soon. No word his rank or which branch he’s in but we're pretty sure that he'll get ragged on for this; unless he's been somehow lent out to Prince William’s fops-only helicopter squadron (borrow the chopper for a bachelor party, maybe practice a landing in your girlf's yard, it's a good life). Very cool move on her part to get the USO effort cranked up, it would be great if every celebutante could support the troops regardless of how they feel about the war. Even if it's just hooking up with a few sailors and Naval aviators during Fleet Week, it's a good cause and every little bit helps. USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!