It’s OK: Kelly Brook & Billy Zane Are OK

It’s OK: Kelly Brook & Billy Zane Are OK

Billy Zane and Kelly Brook have reconciled!

Whew. That was an intense few weeks. The Superficial is reporting that the rift in the 'special relationship' between the US and the UK is well on its way to being repaired: Kelly Brook and Billy Zane are getting back together. The Dish is breathing easier on news of this reconciliation.

Our world was reeling a little bit. We mean, Billy Zane is a pretty cool guy. If it takes more than being handsome and a pretty cool guy to land a gorgeous, modestly talented lady like Kelly Brook then what chance does every other guy stand? Honestly, what chance does a dork like Jeremy Piven have? He wasn't even in Tombstone and he's never even played an action hero (IMDB note: he was the voice of Elongated Man in a Justice League cartoon: DORK).

Maybe Billy Zane and Kelly Brook saw that Jessica Alba and Cash Warren got married and decided if those ding dongs can get married then maybe it's worth a try. Hopefully, this will inspire Jeffrey Dean Morgan to make a crazy last ditch effort to get Mary Louise Parker back. We hear she's a real drama dork, so maybe a few tickets to the Wicked would do the trick. Or just talk to Sean Penn and find out what he did to get Robin Wright Penn back. We're guessing it wasn't a request to stop making pretentious films.

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