Marriage Is Not Dead!

Marriage Is Not Dead!
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Getting hitched a dream for some, say researchers.

A while back, people were saying—and are still saying—that the institution of marriage was dead. That couples were not interested in and did not need to make their bonds legal. Well, not so, says The Guardian. In a recent article, new research suggests that it’s not the interest level that’s affecting declining marriage rates—it’s income levels.

Low-income and impoverished areas have seem the most significant drop in marriage rates, but it’s not for lack of trying.

Says the piece:
"Behind this disparity is not that the commitment of marriage is less valued among those on lower incomes, but that their circumstances impede its attainment. The significance of marriage today is what it represents: stable circumstances. The obstacles that poverty present to stability mean that, for many of the less well-off, marriage drops off the cards. In other words, marriage doesn't create stability—it signals it."

In fact, 70 percent of 20-35 year olds want to marry, as well as 8 out of 10 couples that are currently living together.

See? What did we tell you? Marriage will be ok. It just needs a little economic stimulation


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