Star Trek Actor To Marry A Guy

Star Trek Actor To Marry A Guy

Star Trek's George Takei is ready to get a gay marriage.

There's an outside chance that you know him as Mr. Sulu and a slightly smaller chance that you know him as Kaito Nakamura the father of Hiro from Heroes. Either way, George Takei is ready to 'boldly go where no man has gone before.' And to explore 'the final frontier.' And to be 'beamed up.' Take those homoerotic Star Trek catchphrases to mean what you want but George Takei is ready to marry a dude. After the California Supreme Court legalized gay marriage in the state, Takei decided it was time for him and partner Brad Altman to get hitched according to the Belfast Telegraph.

This is the second Star Trek-related news item lately (remember when William Shatner was freaked out by groupies asking that he set his 'phaser' to 'orgasm'). Sure, Takei and partner Brad Altman are not as famous as Ellen and Portia but this is a big step for the sci-fi world. The only openly gay character in the milieu that we can think of is Alyson Hannigan's character from Buffy and most fanboys just thought that she was following the experimental phase that she started in the American Pie series. When asked to comment Takei said that despite his sexual preference the relationship between Spock and Captain Kirk was by far the gayest part of the show.

Congratulations to George Takei and partner Brad Altman. Closeted fanboys everywhere can stop pretending that they masturbate to Xena.