The Sexiest Turn Ons For Guys (According To Guys) [VIDEO]


In this episode of "That's What He Said," men reveal turns on and turn offs.

If there is one thing that we all have in common, it is the fact that we all have a certain type of person that we fall for. Whether you're into blonds like the super sexy Channing Tatum or prefer redheaded funny guy Louis C.K., the point is that you totally have traits that you look for in men.
But ladies, one thing you're forgetting is that guys definitely have the same things in mind! Trying to figure out what your prospective date's major turn ons and turn offs are sometimes feels next to impossible. That's why having the guys of That's What He Said here makes us relieved. Here, they dish on the biggest physical and personality traits that turn them on.
Host Steven Fabian certainly says it best in the following lines: "Everyone's got a type. Maybe yours is the George Clooney look alike with an adventurous spirit and a big bank account or the host of an Internet roundtable with the disarming grin and ten-speed. Whatever the case we are all the victims of facial profiling."
But here's where things get a little more interesting. The guys don't only stick to the conventional turn ons in regards to facial features. They go much further than that. Case in point? A sexy calf was included in the list of the biggest turn ons.
So while some of the ones they mention are a little more out there than others, they are all definitely worth taking note of.