Which Sex and the City Gal Are You?

Which Sex and the City Gal Are You?

A fun dating quiz that profiles your relationship habits a la SATC.

This is a seriously worthwhile break-from-work quiz. Not only is it fun to see which "Sex and the City" character your dating habits are most like (or were, if you're taken), but you get a free analysis of your dating style from top relationship psychologist Dr. Diana Kirschner.

My responses unexpectedly pegged me as having Samantha's dating style though my love life certainly doesn't resemble her flavor of the week routine (pre-Smith, of course)! According to Dr. Diana's analysis, Samantha-like daters often fall into the "Chase Me" dating pattern defined by running away from a relationship before getting hurt. Sounds like Sam to me!

Dr. Diana, who has shared her wisdom on Oprah, the Today show and with Nicole and Paris on The Simple Life, has a book coming out in 2009 about her method for finding love in 90 days.

Take the quiz here.

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