JT To Propose To Jessica?

JT To Propose To Jessica?

A dubious rumor has Justin Timberlake proposing to Jessica Biel soon.

Wow. OK, we don't put any stock in this at all, but if it were true imagine the possibilities. Any who, The Sun, UK’s premier (and sometimes dodgiest) tabloid is reporting that Justin Timberlake (my man JT!) is thinking about asking Jessica Biel to marry him soon. Irrespective to the truth of this rumor, somewhere Cameron Diaz is punching strangers in the crotch.

The highly dubious article suggests that Jessica hasn't been seen drinking lately fueling pregnancy rumors. It also says that JT has been checking out possible wedding venues (islands and whatnot). Uh, that's well and good but the caption on the photo they had read, "Bride to Biel… Jessica with Justin." We think that The Sun's staff came up with that great line and then had to backfill a story.

If the story is true, it probably means that diehard Mickey Mouse Club fans can probably forget about any reconciliation with Britney (yes, 'Cry Me A River'). And the last 2 N Sync fans can probably forget any ideas that JT is this close getting the band back together (fine, 'Bye Bye Bye'). Somewhere Lance Bass is punching strangers in the crotch.