Do Men *Really* Like The Chase? (According To Men)


What is it about "the chase" that men find appealing? Guys reveal all.

The dating game sure is a hard one to play. It doesn't matter if you're ready for love or not. Sometimes, when you try to find the right partner, things don't end up going as well as you planned. What sucks more is the fact that some guys seriously love the chase and would rather lead you in circles instead of being upfront about their intentions.

They. are. the. WORST. So when host Sami Jarroush sat down the five guys of That's What He Said, we couldn't have been more intrigued. Not only does he grill them on the crazy obstacles that they put their dates through such as the three-day rule, he finds out once and for all if guys really do love the chase more than finding the right woman and settling down.

At one point, the guys mention an interesting idea when it comes to dating AND life in general. They say “If you work hard for something, you appreciate it more, you value it because you sacrificed for it.”

So in terms of playing hard to get, does that mean all signs point to yes? Based on their thoughts, you’ll find that some guys honestly love the chase, while others genuinely don’t want to have to wait to get to know you.

But that shouldn't deter you from putting yourself out there. If he's the right guy for you, he won't let something as silly as old school dating rules stop him from being with you.