Kate Hudson & Lance Armstrong?

Kate Hudson & Lance Armstrong?
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Is Kate Hudson getting revenge on top of revenge with Lance Armstrong?

Yes. Yes. Ye-e-e-e-es. According to Fametastic (and a myriad of mildly reliable sources), Kate Hudson is hanging out with Lance Armstrong already. Granted that the actual timing could be off by a few days, but let's say that Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson broke up last Monday (the 12th or the 5th, whatever), this is an amazingly fast recovery for the daughter of Kate.

This gives more credence to our theory that Owen and Kate's second time around was all about Owen getting revenge on Kate (i.e. winning someone back just to break their heart). And now she's turning the tables by hooking up with their You, Me And Dupree costar Lance Armstrong. We didn’t think she had it in her. Is there any sort of statistic for how long revenge relationships last? If both people are getting revenge would that help, like if Little J and Nate started dating to hurt Blair (not that we watch Gossip Girl). And Lance seems like he doesn't really care about societal norms and standards, he beat ball cancer and then won like 15 Tour de Frances, rules don't apply to him. Though public opinion would probably change if he got involved in a dog-fighting ring (do whatever you want but don't have dogs eat each other if you want people to like you)

If all of this is true, then Owen Wilson has his work cut out for him. How do you trump this? Does he have to starting dating Goldie Hawn? Kurt Russell? Her brother Oliver Hudson? What?