Ashlee’s Wedding Happened

Ashlee’s Wedding Happened

The younger Simpson girl, that's Ashlee Simpson, was married over the weekend to Pete Wentz from a band called Fall Out Boy. We've mentioned it before, but isn't it a teensy bit weird that a guy whose band is named in homage to The Simpsons married a girl whose last name is Simpson? If he changes his last name or adds a hyphen, we'll know for sure. Like Nic Cage marrying Elvis' daughter.

Anyway, these 2 lovebirds got hitched up on Saturday at the Simpson home (on Evergreen Terrace?). There had been reports that the nuptials would have a Gremlins theme (either the car or the movie, is our guess), but instead they went with an Alice In Wonderland theme according to E! Online. Hopefully, they had enough hallucinogens to really drive home that motif. Contrary to previous reports, Tony Romo was in attendance with Jessica Simpson. Yay! But they were reportedly subdued and barely spoke, like most unmarried couples at a wedding. Hurray!

Guests were forbidden from taking photos as the rights had been sold to People and they report that Papa Joe Simpson actually performed the ceremony. Of course he did. Of course he did.

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