What Do Men Think About Sex During Your Period?

sex during your period

Women bleed for a week each month and yet somehow, we've been branded the more squeamish sex. Go figure. But while we've been on intimate terms with menstruation since we were 12, men aren't always used to getting so up close and personal. So when we have our "monthly visitor," can we count on our guys to help us entertain? We asked men: "What do you think about having sex during a woman's period?"

"With a condom, I say fine. No babies."
--John, 32, Professor

"If I'm drunk, whatever."
--Adam, 28, Carpenter

"I have absolutely no problem with it, and every woman I've ever been with has been shocked about that."
--Marc, 38, Child psychologist

"Put a towel down and go to town."
--Andy, 32, Police Officer

"Hell no! It's natural and fine, but it's still blood."
--John, 36, Actor

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