But Who Gets The Dog?

But Who Gets the Dog?

Once married, we'd like to think that everyone lives happily ever after, but take a look at the divorce rate. It’s not great. And when a marriage does hit the rocks, splitting one life into two can be a real mess. The latest custody issues? The pets. Namely, the dog, according to

In fact, it seems to be enough of an issue that a book was just released on the topic: We Can't Stay Together for the Dogs: Doing What's Best for Your Dog When Your Relationship Breaks Up (TFH Publications, $22.95).

Really? Is there that much to say about it? And I am a hardcore dog-lover. I treated my dog like a child. I had a canine custody issue when I broke up with my college boyfriend. It lasted all of 10 minutes and went something like this:

Him: What should we do about Isaac?

Me: Will you come home right after class and work? And will you stay home on Friday and Saturday nights to keep him company?

Him: Um, Probably. Yeah, I guess.

Me: No you won’t. I’m keeping him.

Him: I want to visit him sometimes.

Me: Fine.

Case closed. No manual needed.

But who knows. Maybe if both parties are equally dedicated, it’s more difficult. The upside: That dog is loved.

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