Owen and Kate: No Mas

Owen and Kate: No Mas

Owen Wilson has, reportedly, moved on from Kate Hudson.

According to the sex-with-random-men enthusiast over at DListed, the Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson project has again run it's course. This time around, Wes Anderson's male muse was the breaker-upper. Let us get this straight, they dated for a while staring in '06, she broke up with him, he allegedly started abusing his temple with fermented spirits and the like, then some personal unpleasantness arose, then the unpleasantness mostly went away, then Kate Hudson broke it off with Dax Sheppard, then they hooked back up, had some allegedly good times in Miami, and then BAM she's been dumped by Owen Wilson. That sounds like a revenge relationship if you ask us. You get dumped by someone, get your act back together, say the right things, then when they're good and comfortable, you drop the hammer. Classic, only slightly less classic than going out with hooking up with someone that looks exactly like your ex and treating them terribly (this would be the only way to ever get over Diane Court).

Everyone is really lucky that crabs or a phony engagement weren't involved. We wouldn't be able to look at fantasize about think of either of them the same way again.

Does this mean that a Vince Vaughn-Owen Wilson tornado is going to tear a swath through female Hollywood?