Sarandon, Richards, Shatner & Memories

Sarandon, Richards, Shatner & Memories

Susan Sarandon, William Shatner, & Denise Richards share some wisdom.

The good people over at Starpulse have a smorgasbord of celebrity advice, revelations, and memoirs. Ah yeah, celebrity hindsight is alway 20/20.

First off, Bill Shatner had his fair share of the 60's and 70's sci-fi groupie tail. Roughly 85% of it; the rest was gobbled up by Lee Majors in his Six Million Dollar Man era (this does not include any action that Majors got during his days on The Fall Guy). As Captain Kirk, William Shatner embodied the macho man of his era and managed to capture America's love affair with the space age. According to Starpulse, Shatner didn't have as many flings with groupies as he may have liked. The 'beam me up' talk and insisting on staying in character turned him off. Leonard Nimoy (Spock) has never reported having those problems. Uh, isn't just part of the celebrity deal? They get to call you Luke Skywalker, you sex them up, and you never have to call them back. Right? We wonder if ladies had any strange requests of Shatner during his TJ Hooker era?

Denise Richards also had some new news. According Starpulse she is quoted as having a thing for 'bad boys.' Huh. Evidently, they're pulling out all the stops for her reality show, Denise Richards: It's Complicated. We wonder what else they'll reveal. For instance, did you know that she had children with actor Charlie Sheen? Wow. And that she was once in a movie called Wild Things and she smooched out with Neve Campbell. Yes, shocking. Or that she's widely believed to be nuttier than a tanuki colony with polyorchidism (it is a serious stretch). Plabunga.
Susan Sarandon doesn't want you to sleep around on-set. According to Starpulse, she warns young actresses away from doing their directors. Or Tim Robbins. According to Sarandon having sex with directors is a good way to screw up your career. And even touching Tim Robbins is a good way to get cut, bitch. Believe that.

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