Seacrest To Do Momma’s Boy Dating Show

Seacrest To Do Momma’s Boy Dating Show

Ryan Seacrest has sold a reality dating show to NBC about momma's boys.

According to the NY Post, Ryan Seacrest (the James Brown of his era, for his hard work not his paternity issues and cape-wearing) is coming out with a new show that smacks of Ashton Kutcher-ing. Per the story, Seacrest has inked a deal with NBC on a show called Are You A Momma's Boy? The show will force mothers to try and match their apron string-clinging sons with eligible brides. The mothers, sons, and brides-to-be will all live under the same roof.

The women will be a mixed bag of nice, clean girls and super freaks ("the kind you don't take home to mother," per Rick James) to keep the D R A M A poppin'. In all honesty, we don't think there’s been a decent dating show since Blind Date, so we’re amped about this. It's like Bad Girls Club meets The Bachelor with someone's mom. We can't be more than a season or 2 away from MILF Island becoming a reality. "Mom, this is Candy. She is an exotic dancer recovering from meth addiction. Candy, this is my mom. We'll be living with her until we can afford a place of our own. And because I've never been away from her for more than a week and that was the worst spring break ever. She couldn't chaperone because she pulled a muscle hugging me. You are going to be best friends, I just know it."

Are there any weird motives in Seacrest starting a reality show about dudes that have a particular affinity for their mothers? We're probably reading too much into this.