Mayer & Aniston? Kate & Owen? Come On!

Mayer & Aniston? Kate & Owen? Come On!

Jen and John are dating. Kate and Owen are not engaged.

Fine. John Mayer is dating Jennifer Aniston these days. Or just spending an inordinate amount of time with a 'friend.' Speaking of which, we picture Mayer getting mad drunk after a breakup and trying to serenade old girl (any old girl) back with an acoustic version of Biz Markie's 'Just A Friend.' The Superficial has a bunch of images of John with Jennifer Aniston in a pool of water rocking swimwear. They do ask a pertinent question concerning personal weather patterns in Aniston's nipular area. We really hope this lasts. We've had enough of the dating exploits of Senior Mayer and Senorita Aniston. At least he's not a costar of hers, right?

According to OK! Magazine, Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson are not engaged. Engaged? Seriously? Evidently, Kate Hudson was sporting a ring as part of a scene in a film (Bride Wars) that she's been taping in sunny Florida. While these 2 may be 'destined' for each other, isn't it a little soon? Didn't he just get over a bit of melancholy allegedly spurred by her spurning him? And there are new relationship/ sex rumors about him like on the daily (did you hear the one about the aborted threesome possibly with Vince Vaughn?). Let’s go a few weeks without him having a crazy sex rumor and without her talking about her son being the only man in her life before we declare a royal engagement.

On a side note, wouldn't a double wedding with these 2 couples be adorable? Sure it might be weird with Vince Vaughn as best man but everyone can be cool about it, right? Mayer looks like he can take a punch with his sweet Alex P Keaton haircut. "Oh baby you, you got what I need..."