Cynthia Nixon Wants To Get Hitched

Cynthia Nixon Wants To Get Hitched
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The Sex And The City star wants to marry her partner some day soon.

We-he-hell, it looks like Cynthia Nixon is fixin' to do some mixin.' And by that we mean marrying. A quarter of the Sex And The City crew is in love with a lady named Christine Marinoni and wants the whole world to know it. The New York Daily News is reporting that while the couple would like to one day legally bind their partnership, they have no current plans to head to whichever New England states does that sort of thing.

A lot of people probably consider Nixon's character, Miranda, to be a bit of a buzzkill, but we like to think of her as the 'smart one.' She's the voice of reason and we think that the whole crew could have avoided some heartache if they listened to her clap-contracting ass. Were they to form as Voltron, Nixon would no doubt be the head, which leaves the one that was in Big Trouble In Little China (Kim Cattrall) as the vajayjay, naturally.

Outside of being on the most wildly successful show about 4 New York women exploring their sexuality and embracing a different kind of sisterhood, Nixon has a very interesting story. She was married to a dude called Danny Mozes. She and Mozes, a teacher, had a couple of kids and were together for 15 years. Towards the end of their relationship, she became involved with Christine Marinoni, an education activist. We're not sure what hurts more for a male educator, having your wife leave you for a woman or for an education activist. It’s like if your wife is a big-shot actress and you're a teacher, you expect her to leave you for Fred Dryer or David Hasselhoff or Corbin Bernsen (you know, a sexy star), not some lady also involved in the teaching racket.

In addition to her relationship stuff and the SATC movie, Nixon recently revealed that she beat breast cancer. Pretty good work all the way around.