TomKat Body Language Breakdown

TomKat Body Language Breakdown

Body language tells the story in the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes relationship.

A body language expert breaks down photos of celebrities to show who's the boss and the nature of their relationships. First off the bat, this expert takes a single paparazzi photo of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Exact science? Maybe. The Sun, the UK's preeminent home for all that is tabloid-y, had a body language expert breakdown photos of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and other celebs (including Guy Richie and Madonna, the Beckhams, Brad Pitt and his wife, Kate Moss and Jamie Hince, and Rhys Ifans and Sienna Miller).

The body language expert, Judi James, uses isolated paparazzo photos to make overarching generalizations about celeb relationships. She breaks down each instance in which their angles and touch-points signify his desire to possess her and do the thinking for both of them. Pffft. As if. Next we're gonna hear that her height bothers him. The Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes experience is a partnership. He was Maverick, lady.

And then this Judi James has the nerve to say that there is a power struggle between Madonna and Guy Richie. Of all the crazy things. Next she's going to say that all the pictures with Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are staged and they're relationship is phony. That's crazy talk.

Note: you'll have to check out the link to The Sun to see what she means, they're pretty controlling of their images like certain not-to-be-mentioned superstars.

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