Mills-McCartney Divorce Not Quite Over

Mills-McCartney Divorce Not Quite Over

Today, Paul McCartney and Heather Mills should be forever split.

The 'divorce of the century' (this century, anyways) is not quite over. Yeah, we'd reported that the Heather Mills had been awarded a $48 million settlement or so almost 2 months ago by an English court. But, apparently Mills and Paul McCartney are due back in court today. Reuters reports that the 2 are due back in court for the final declaration before Justice Hugh Bennett. Bennett, you may remember, chastised Heather Mills for being obnoxious and inaccurate during the proceedings. He's expected to grant the divorce on an 'uncontested' basis.

We would hate to see what a 'contested' divorce between Mills and McCartney would look like. We wonder if Mills and Tricia Walsh-Smith (the YouTube divorce class act) have been in touch. Those 2 kooky broads could really break some hearts together.

Do you think that Sir Paul's attorney is going to wear a raincoat in case Heather Mills splashes her with water again? Or do you think the bailiffs are planning on keeping Mills restrained Hannibal Lecter-style?

And in case you haven't gotten enough of Heather Mills, MSNBC is reporting that she may be on the next season of Celebrity Apprentice. Which has apparently broadened the definitions of both celebrity and apprentice. She's got a ticket to ride and we don't care.