Do Men Have Body Image Hangups?

Do Men Have Body Image Hangups?

An intimate look at male body image from a guy’s point of view.

Welcome to the club, men, it's not a fun place to be. It turns out, women aren’t the only ones dissatisfied with their bodies. Studies show a growing trend toward negative body image and self esteem. A recent Harvard study shows that, eating disorders among men are on the rise across the country and this scary trend seems to be going under the radar, because men are less likely to talk about it. Ted Spiker from O, The Oprah Magazine gives us an inside look at body image from a man’s perspective.

"I'm not the only man who wishes his body looked more like Michael Jordan's and less like a vat of pudding" writes Spiker. "A recent survey showed that only 18 percent of men are happy enough with their physiques that they wouldn't change them."

Spiker points out that men have more body angst than we realize and that instead of dealing with the problem they often make jokes and poking fun at one another. That sounds familiar. Oh right, it's what girls do to each other.

Men, Spiker explains, are visual and aren’t only checking women out, but are comparing their bodies to other men. "Maybe it's male competitiveness or primal instincts, but we don't just want to have better bodies to attract you. We want better bodies to improve our position among ourselves." Again, this sounds like women.

Spiker's revelation completely explains the rise of manx—male Spanx—and the mirdle—you guessed it, the girdle for men. It looks like these guys could use a lesson in learning to look past their imperfect bodies.

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