Wife Fakes Kidnapping, Gets Scolded

Wife Fakes Kidnapping, Gets Scolded

'Thou shall not bear false witness' is pretty good relationship advice.

For the 10,000th consecutive year, it turns out that honesty is still the best policy. According to the BBC, a woman in Northern Ireland faked her 'tiger' kidnapping in a bid to get more attention from her husband. Patricia Thompson claimed that a gang of men broke into her home, stole some things, tied her up, and left her in her car at a roundabout. She then alleged that other acts of terror were leveled against her including threatening letters and texts, cut brake lines on her car, and graffiti. All of these things went down whilst she was home alone. Then another motorist mentioned seeing Thompson drive herself to that roundabout and police found surveillance tape evidence her driving. And any of the damage to their property had been selective and only when she was by herself.

So, it didn't take Scotland Yard to figure out something was wrong. Essentially, this was a desperate plea for attention from her husband. The judge, Randal McKay, was angry about all of the wasted policy time and let her go with a stern warning after she plead guilty to 9 charges of 'perverting the court of justice.'

Far be it for us to judge, but there are much better ways of getting attention. Ones that don't involve occupying police man-hours or destroying your own property. You wear some terribly impractical lingerie or take an interest in his hobbies, but 'perverting the court of justice' is never a good idea. The irony is that she'll probably get the attention she was looking for or a divorce.

This reminds us of that case in Fort Worth where a woman alleged that her lover-on-the-side raped her and then the cuckolded husband killed him. The husband will serve no jail time while the wife is going to get 5 years. Read more from the Houston Chronicle on that one. Yes, crazy.