Politics Are Better Than Sex Now?

Politics Are Better Than Sex Now?
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Has politics become a bigger seller than sex?

Our good friends over at the Huffington Post (or the HuffPo, as the kids call it) ran a story about the sexy-fication of American politics. Or more accurately, that the celebs are taking a backseat the politicians in some celeb-centric magazines. Or the politicians are celebrities and the celeb rags (People, Us Weekly, Time, et al) are starting to treat them as such. It's like John Mayer practically has to have sex with that Jennifer Aniston from the TV show Friends to even make mention in the tabloids these days.

Instead of seeing the minutia of the Wentz-Simpson nuptials, we get every tiny detail about the politicians; from Barack Obama drinking a beer like a middle class guy (oh, he is one of us, whew) to Hillary Clinton's 'awful outfits.' Would Lincoln's sweet chinstrap beard and alleged penchant for buggery have survived this scrutiny? When is this going to reach the next level, though? We want political coverage and all the celebrity sordidness. Oh, we got that with Spitzer, didn't we? And Senator Craig. And the McGreeveys. Will the magazines get back to business as usual when the Dems pick a nominee? Is John McCain a little less tab-ready than the soap stars Clinton and Obama? Who knows? Then again, he is Heidi Montag's pick for president. And to answer HuffPo's question about who's hotter, we gotta go with Obama.

Enjoy the video, it's about relationships and politics, increase your vocab, son!