Romance Enhancement Parties

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Strapped for cash? Try selling your friends a strap-on.

Once upon a time women stayed home and raised families instead of heading out into the workforce. For those enterprising housewives who were looking to turn their free time into extra spending cash there were a host of options. Whether you chose to peddle Mary Kay door-to-door or invite friends over for Tupperware parties, you could always take advantage of your hostess skills to make some extra dough.

Flash forward to the present. Money is tight these days, even in two-income homes. Everyone is looking for part-time work to help make ends meet, and there are some delicious new options for a 21st century gal. Say goodbye to Amway and Avon, and hello to romance enhancement parties! This is not a new trend by any means, but I was surprised when I saw the profession featured to prominently on an episode of ABC's Wife Swap. One of the featured moms was so proud of her job that she let ABC film her showing off massage oils and a pair of naughty looking massage gloves.

If you're ready to open up to your friends about the latest in vibrators, lubes, and lingerie a quick Google search turned up over ten sites that specialize in this brave new frontier. Who's to say which is the best fit for you, but I would go with a company that's been in business for a while. Pure Romance has been around since 1993 and Passion Parties has been around for more than ten years.