No Sex Please, We’re English

british men low libido

British men are starting to suffer from low sex drive, what's the cause?

There's no easy way to sugarcoat this, so we'll just say it: British men don't like sex. At least that's what an article in the Daily Mail is intimating. Evidently, relationship counselors have seen a serious spike in English dudes that have 'gone off' sex. They used to have an empire to run, we wonder what the excuse is now.

There are 2 main theories as to why this is happening, stressful working conditions and widespread depression. We're guessing that things were probably slightly more depressing in Dickens' era and Widespread Depression would be a good name for a The Cure tribute jam band. So why are dudes 'off' sex?

The 'problem' is said to afflict married men between 30 and 50 years old. And per the Daily Mail (different link) piece, most of them are content in their relationship but just aren't into sex. What's different from previous generations? Is the drinking water full of anti-depressants (the SSRI are libido killers)? Was that Russian dude right and miniskirts are somehow killing the male sex drive? Is there enough quality programming on BBC that sex is a last resort for entertainment? Is it possible that Jordan and Posh removing their breast implants was really a bad move?

Let's just blame this on the David Beckham metrosexual experience and call it a day? Hopefully they won't export this behavior to the US like another crappy Oasis album.