Kate Moss Has Wedding Underpants

Kate Moss Has Wedding Underpants

Kate Moss is the face for Agent Provacateur. Will it be her wedding garb?

According the ladies over at The Frisky, Kate Moss is the new face of Agent Provacateur's bridal collection. The collection is evidently designed to be sexy and classy for the wedding night/ honeymoon. And when the honeymoon is over, those lacy underalls go right into the bottom of the unmentionables drawer.

It's unclear if Kate Moss has signed on to actually wear these knickers and teddies for her actual wedding night. And if so, what does this say for the level of celebrity product integration? We're always being told about which dress, tux, and shoes celebrities have been given for red carpet evens and weddings but it sort of stops there. Is a celebrity endorsement rigid enough that they feel compelled to keep it up in intimate privacy? Remember, it's not hard core porn, unless it says Michael Jordan. If so, we notice why there aren't celebrity spokesman for condoms because they appear not to use them, if even a tenth of those Herp rumors are true. Same can be said for birth control medication judging from the alarming rate of unwed pregnant stars.

We hope that Moss's fiancé, Jamie Hince, digs the Agent Provacateur bridal lingerie, he may be seeing them in person in September. As Kate and Jamie’s betrothal continues, there's no word on Pete Doherty's own engagement to Irina Lazareanu. Fingers crossed that he doesn't take a page from on the Moss-Hince nuptials. Or fingers crossed that he does.