A Guidebook To Parisian Women

A Guidebook To Parisian Women

Pierre-Louis Colin has written a guide book about the women of Paris.

Enchanté. Pierre-Louis Colin, a speech-writer for France's foreign minister, has written a comprehensive guide book to the women of Paris. Colin writes that Paris is the world's most visited capital and that people come for the women just as much as they come for the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. Ah, the French woman and her je ne sais quoi.

Colin's book, Guide to the Pretty Women of Paris, describes the best places in each part of town to gawk at the madams and mademoiselles of the French capital. According to Yahoo's preview of the book, Colin even tells readers where they may get the best, unrestricted up-skirt angles.

Colin claims that his point is that part of the French culture is admiring, rather than possessing, beauty. He intimates that the book is not a pick-up guide or anything that sordid. He says that the 'contemplator' possesses a certain power and responsibility in a consumer society. And rejects the 'Anglo-Saxon' notion of impropriety in voyeurism.

Fine, fine, we'll ask, "Monsieur Colin, where do the high school girls hang out around here?"

We're not sure how this can possibly relate to a relationship but don't be surprised if your husband/ boyf/ et cetera suggests that you visit Paris soon. And be careful mixing dresses with spiral staircases when visiting France. Gotta love tolerate the Sarkozy government.