Jess Simpson & Tony Romo Engaged?

Jess Simpson & Tony Romo Engaged?

Has Jessica Simpson's sibling rivalry prompted a betrothal?

Stop the presses. Hold the phone. Don't touch that dial. No clicking. Everybody just cool out, cool out! According to ShowBizSpy, Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo are engaged to be married (yes, to each other). Unfortunately, the only other site reporting this 'news' is the sometimes inaccurate site, FemaleFirst. And they 'scooped' the story from the print edition of Star.

The 'sources' claim that Jessica is jealous that Ashlee Simpson (and Pete Wentz) would be married and she would be unwed. So, it's a race to the aisle for this sibling rivalry, the tabs declare. And if it's a race, would you rather a professional athlete on your team or the bassist of an emo band (we like Fallout Boy but would you take them versus the Cowboys in a footrace)? The sites claim that Jessica had her eyes on the prize to the point that she was considering asking Tony Romo instead of waiting. We feel her, 6 months is frickin' eternity in Hollywood time. We wonder if Jess appealed to his competitive side. Or if she said something like, "don't fumble this like the field goal against Seattle in the 2007 playoffs. We will beat coattails and guy-liner to get married or you will never have this again."

It'll be interesting to see if this is remotely true (we kinda don't believe it though it is plausible). If true, it will be interesting to see how long it is before she pulls the goalie. And even more interesting will be seeing how Simpson family outings go:

Joe Simpson: Tony, let's play a little catch.
Tony: Seriously? Fine only 2 or 3 throws though, it's in my contract.
Joe: Son, I love you.
Pete: I have been waiting forever for you to say that, Joe.
Joe: I wasn't talking to you and it's Mr. Simpson.

End scene