Ashton & Demi No Sham, Per Ashton

Ashton & Demi No Sham, Per Ashton

Ashton Kutcher answers the question that no one was thinking to ask.

Ashton Kutcher took time out of his busy schedule of film-promotion and turning the tables on the media to announce that his career was fine when he and Demi Moore started hooking up back in 2003 and that they're not in a sham relationship. Thank God that he put that issue to rest. We've been looking for a little clarification for the past 5 years.

The Mirror has a quote from Ashton Kutcher that we'll paraphrase, 'My career was doing hunky-dory before we met. I don’t give a doodle if people thought that it was a business move. Those haters can suck it.' We’re glad that he answered a question that no one even thought about asking.

Do you ever notice a correlation between people saying that they don't care what people think and actually caring what people think? Yeah, us too. We're a little sick of the mind games that Ashton's playing with the media. Does care, doesn't care, WTF?. Consider our cage rattled.

The Katie Holmes camp has not issued a similar statement in regard to her fairy tale marriage to Tom Cruise. Sure, some unscrupulous Hollywood-types get married to advance their career, but is it possible that the stars of Dawson's Creek and That 70's Show saw an opportunity to do it with the stars of Top Gun and St. Elmo's Fire (throw a 'respectively' in there somewhere) and went for it? Not everything is a conspiracy.