Double R & ScarJo Engaged?

Double R & ScarJo Engaged?

Rumor has it that Ryan Reynolds gave Scarlett Johansson a ring.

Sweet smirking Jesus, according to People, Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson are engaged… to be married… to each other. Before we get too carried away, this engagement rumor has happened before, so we're going to slow our roll a little. And before that, we heard that ScarJo was telling Reynolds to take it slow. Hmm.

People (typically a reliable source because of their squeamishness about lawsuits) said that Double R gave her a very nice ring (though probably not the $2.5 million shine that Nick Cannon gave Selita Ebanks Mariah Carey) that she can't wait to show off tonight. An engagement ring sounds sort of like incontrovertible evidence. We’re not sure what's more of a sign that you've made it in Hollywood, starring in a blockbuster movie or getting engaged to an A-list starlet? Or does one always lead to the other? Definitely, Maybe was a nice romantic comedy and proved that Reynolds can succeed without being the over-the-top center-of-attention. Which bodes well for any relationship involving 2 big stars. This has got to be a kick in the crotch for ScarJo's would be muse-monger, Woody Allen. In a lot of ways, Double R is the anti Woody Allen: tall, bearded, traditionally handsome, ripped, blondish (at least from a disposition standpoint), and funny because of his awesomeness rather than narcissistic self-deprecation. Maybe Sue Johanson would be more his speed.

Then again, we’re not sure if a relationship can make it when both parties are so much prettier than the general populace. And Alanis Morissette has yet to weigh in with a blessing song, a revenge song, or a reconciliation song, so let's not count this as a done deal.

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