The Sex Tape-For-Dowry Hustle

The Sex Tape-For-Dowry Hustle

Between dowry and extortion, a thin line exists.

The Daily Telegraph is reporting that an Indian fellow is requesting more dowry from his wife's family. It appears that the $10,000 that his family received in jewelry was not quite. Something like $200,000 would really put his heart at ease and really give their marriage a chance for success. In order to make that happen, he surreptitiously filmed his wife having sex (presumably with him, but there's no guarantee). He then wanted to exchange that recording for the $200,000 in dowry. Or he'll do something with that sex tape. Like post it on the interweb? Sell it in bazaars all across the Indian subcontinent? We don't know that much about Indian families, but we're guessing that it would be highly embarrassing to everyone involved if there was a tape of their daughter getting plowed by some dude.

We sometimes confuse 'extortion' with 'dowry,' it's an easy mistake. Anyway, the story goes that the man and his father (gross) were arrested for this blackmail scheme but probably still have the tape. Blackmail is a slippery slope (and we know, we blackmail people all the time). You never know what copy of the tape is the last copy and you just keep paying and paying and paying. It usually ends up with someone getting shot in the face or digging up some dirt on the other party and keeping things at a comfortable détente for the next few decades. To be fair, that's actually a pretty good basis for a marriage. Keeps things on even footing, makes divorce unlikely, prevents the Montagues and Capulets from knifing each other. Yep, he's got a sex tape of her then she's gotta get proof that he had a kid with his sister (or something less gross, like embezzlement).