Age Of Consent Lowered In Part Of UK

Age Of Consent Lowered In Part Of UK

Age of consent laws differ from place to place and don't always make sense.

That sound you hear, it’s all the dirtbags running (not walking) to the nearest plane, ship, dirigible, rowboat, kayak, parasail, helicopter, and giant sea turtle. According to the Belfast Telegraph, the North of UK is set to lower the age of consent from 17 to 16. Before everyone freaks out, it turns out that the age of consent in the United Kingdom is pretty much universally 16. Does that make Great Britain the real MILF Island?

This age of consent was established by the 2003 Sexual Offences Bill. The spirit of the law was to criminalize older people preying on kids but the letter of the law may make it a punishable offense for 2 kids under 16 to bump uglies. We were about to predict that the UK was about to go to heck in a picnic basket but it turns out that the Federal US age of consent is 16. "Whaaaa?" is an acceptable response. We were always under the impression that it was a good idea for dudes over 18 to set a basement (or 'support' to you investment banker types) of 18 for hooking up. And we're going to stick with it; if Milo Ventimiglia and Hayden Panettiere can keep their hands off each other until her 18th, so can you.

If the age of consent is indeed 16 in the US, does this make the Molly Cyrus photos in Scarborough Fair magazine any more acceptable? And what is Disney going to do with Miley Cyrus? And what, exactly, is her relationship to Hanna Montana? Our guesses are 'No,' 'Nothing,' and 'We'll never know,' respectively. And what about Roger Clemens and Mindy McCready, if it's true? Yeah, still really weird, if true.

In other age of consent news, it looks like Billy Bob Thornton’s son (14) was involved with a woman 8 years his senior and was narced out by her husband, according to Fox 6 News. This won’t end well.