Sex Mag Launched At Rice U.

rice university open

College students love sex and magazines, so this is really a no-brainer.

Yeah, crazy name 'Rice,' but there is a country called 'Turkey' so all bets are off. So, Rice is in Houston (pronounced hew-ston not how-ston, New Yorkers) and Newsweek refers to it as one of the 'New Ivies.' Though Texans claim that they are not southerners they still have sweet accents and good-looking blond gals. We digress. Like a number of more Northeasternly colleges, The Houston Chronicle is reporting that Rice is launching a sex magazine.

The book (it's an industry term that means magazine) is called Open and is the brainchild of Rachel Solnick. The book covers a wide array of topics from celibacy to short stories and poems ('aaaak' you say, give em a chance it's not just a bunch of gals using flower and butterfly imagery as metaphors for sexuality) to tracking the conquests of a lothario alum to pictorials… mostly nude but tasteful (it's good… to be tasteful). Open plans on publishing once a year and received a small amount of start-up capital from Dr. Bill Wilson Student Initiative Grant. You can download the whole issue at the link above.

It’s great that these college students are publishing magazines about getting it on. We remember hearing about a lot of college students getting laid back in our days at university but were blacked often enough to forget if any of those stories involved us. A sex magazine for college students is reasonable, a sex magazine for high schoolers is in poor taste. And they already have the Facebook.