Papa Simpson Still Shopping Ashlee Show

Papa Simpson Still Shopping Ashlee Show

The father/manager of the Simpson family may pull off another coup.

Let it never be said that Joe Simpson takes 'no' for an answer. The guy can adapt to any situation and be ready to strike at a moment's notice (like a cross between a chameleon and a mongoose, a chamongoose). A few months back we noted the rumor that Simpson was shopping a dating show for Ashlee and now that Pete Wentz is a permanent reality (or as permanent as Hollyweird allows, thanks Mom), Joe is probably ready to make any deal on the table while he's still the legal guardian. According to OK! Magazine, a new reality show is being shopped for Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson. They describe it as a sort of Newly Weds Part Deux.

Good thinking, Joe. That constant monitoring was great for Jessica's marriage to Nick Lachey. It's almost like… Hold the phone, maybe Joe Simpson is an evil genius. The media has made no secret of Joe's (we're not going to say disdain but) intense discomfort about the Pete Wentz experience. The guy-liner and the it's-not-gay-if-it's-above-the-waist attitude have rubbed old school dude Joe the wrong way. We heard that he had Wentz uninvited to Christmas. But a warts-and-all reality show could bust the little family up. And if it puts a little coin in everyone’s pocket, so much the better. We could learn a lot from the guy. We're pretty sure that if he tried this sh*t with Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo then Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones would have his thumbs cut off.

We’re starting to wonder if he's behind the John Mayer-Jennifer Aniston thing?

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