AC Slater & Smirnoff On The Rocks?

AC Slater & Smirnoff On The Rocks?

The Dancing With The Stars couple could be uncoupled.

How was that for a New York Post headline? At any rate, the good people over at DListed say that Karina Smirnoff (of Dancing With The Stars semi-fame) is breaking off her relationships with Mr. Mario Lopez. This has been in the works for a while, we reckon. First there was confusion about which Mario she was dating. Then Mario the actor/ dancer said that he respected Mario the singer/ dancer and we thought things were good. Then there were more rumors of Smirnoff pouring herself all over other guys.

DListed say that she has needs and Mario is busy with A Chorus Line on Broadway. We just are pretty sure that a relationship needs more than just chiseled abs, a bold nose, and dancing (and our name is Tango, so we know something about this dancing as a metaphor for relationships business) to make it. Look at Johnny (the Swayze, God bless him) and Baby from Dirty Dancing. Do you think their relationship lasted more than that summer? They didn't even get mentioned in the sequel. But before you declare romance is dead and throw yourself into traffic, E! Online is reporting that they dance-dance revolutionaries are still together. Wasted column? Yeah. But we're guessing that this celebrity relationship may be circling the drain anyway.