Cher Was 'Crazy' About Tom Cruise

Cher Was 'Crazy' About Tom Cruise

Can you imagine if these 2 had stuck? Odd indeed. But more odd than now?

We are shocked and scandalized by this. Our homeys over at The Frisky say that A) Cher and Tom Cruise had a relationship back in the day; and B) She thought it could have gone the distance. She was 39 and he was 23 way back in 1985 when the 2 shared a thing. Cher (which means dear in French) was quoted as saying, "I was crazy about him." That could have been too much crazy. But what if he had stuck it out with Cher (or Rebecca DeMornay)? Even just gone a little longer? He might not have dated Mimi Rogers and Scientology (or Science-ography) would be need a new Kwisatz Haderach or whatever. Strange times, those would be. We'll just have to believe in life after love, we think we're strong enough.

And it’s starting to make sense that Cruise and Cher dated. Two of his most famous roles were as a member of the Navy (Top Gun and A Few Good Men) and that one comeback she tried involved dancing in a scary outfit aboard a naval warship (see below) and listen to the lyrics for meaning. It's about trying to get Tom Cruise back in 1989-ish and not being afraid to put herself frighteningly out there. But she apparently settles for being covered in seaman. Thanks, you’ve been a great audience.