Chicks Dig Team Sports Guys

Chicks Dig Team Sports Guys

Team sports have team players that believe in teamwork.

According to The Globe And Mail, women prefer men that play team sports to men that play individual sports. So a t-shirt that reads, "Co-Ed Softball Players Do It With Teammates" is 100% accurate.

A study published in the journal Evolutionary Psychology, science showed that women find men that play sports more attractive than guys that don’t play sports. And they find men that play team sports more attractive than individual sports. To prove this theory, researchers gave fictitious back-stories to a bunch of headshots of guys whose hot-or-not-edness had been determined by a previous study. The stories included if they played a team sport, individual sport, or did something else and then their skill at the activity. And dudes that were adapt at their team sport rated the most boinkable (you read that right) and the most datable. And unfortunately, for boxers, karate enthusiasts, and male rhythmic gymnasts, women surveyed found non-athletes more attractive than solo sports dudes.

Sure, a lot of individual sports require rugged self-reliance and ruthless amounts of narcissism. And some of them can even be fairly violent (think Muay Thai, skeet shooting, dressage, and break-dancing). But are they less attractive than dudes that love the UN so much that they model it? We would be pissed if some mathlete came in and swiped our ladies after we had dedicated our whole lives to being a top-grade fencer.

We get it, a guy playing point guard really well knows about sharing and camaraderie. And guys that play team sports generally have a number on their uniform which makes them easier to cheer for (and you can wear his jersey). And we can imagine that a guy might be slightly more generous in bed if he’s used to teamwork rather than getting in, getting his, and getting out. Not to mention, it can be fun to play sports together if you don't get too competitive. So parents, if you want your son to be popular with the gals, get him into team sports. If you push him hard enough, he might even make a career out of it and not resent you at all for the pressure. And if you want to get your daughter popular with the girls, get them on a softball team and possibly a basketball team.