Mistress Wants His Assets, Seriously

Mistress Wants His Assets, Seriously

New dilemma, when the mistress deserves a cut of the cake.

Only in America New Zealand. A married man with a long-term mistress was in danger of losing half of his assets. A new proviso in the laws governing NZ property introduces the concept of a "contemporaneous relationship" in which more than one pairing exists. Basically, the lover has to prove that the whole thing is more than just a fling and could be entitled to some portion of assets.

The case in question, involves a 20-year affair with a woman that lived in the same neighborhood as a married man. He would trot over to her house after his family went to bed, hang out with his wang out, then scoot back in time to wake the family. His wife, because she's not an idiot, was aware of this but just wanted to keep things copacetic. The mistress sort of joined their families and was led to believe (by her own fancy or something he said) that they would be together eventually. We’re guessing that she got really pushy about this because he took up with another mistress. According to The Sunday Star Times, she lost the case because they never lived together.

Through it all, the married man remained married, yep, stand by your man. Basically, if a relationship, of any kind, satisfies a handful of provisions (Check out the link to The Sunday Star Times for that list) then the 'other woman' or 'other man' may be entitled to something or other.

A few quick thoughts on this:

  1. He is not going to leave his wife. Sure it has happened, in the history of relationships it has happened. But what are the chances of it working out… if he's willing to ditch his family. What makes the mistress secure? Yeah, nada.
  2. Division of assets? Say that a mistress does meet a few of the below stipulations, does she (or he, like that would happen) deserve half? Which would leave half for the family. Which would probably result in a divorce. So, at the end of the day, the wife and kids would get 1/4 of the total, how is that reasonable? What if the mistress was a big earner herself? Would the cheating man be entitled to her a portion of her stacks? And what if the wife is a high roller? What if someone was a hooker? Are refunds in order? This could get complicated pretty quickly.
  3. When did girlfriends-on-the-side start being so demand-y? Back in the 50s, you slept with your boss (or some other distinguished gentleman that had grown tired of his wife) until you found a boyfriend your own age or the wife died. That was it. At least that's the understanding that we've gotten from the film Married Life.
  4. How many (hetero) boyfriends on the side are there? Seriously, outside of film and television, have you ever heard of a case of a single man just waiting for his married girlf to get out of her marriage for him? Sure, there's a subclass of single guys who prey on married women and offer them a little excitement (see Bill Paxton or possibly Bill Pullman in True Lies) but a grownup relationship is seldom in the cards.