WTF Feat. StarJones, Mimi, Kelly Brook

WTF Feat. StarJones, Mimi, Kelly Brook

Is Mariah really with Nick? What about Star & DWade? And Kelly Brook?

We have 3 crazy pants rumors that we've heard in the past couple of days, nothing that deserves it's own post, but when taken together are possibly a sign that everyone is on peyote.

Dwyane Wade And Star Jones? Well, we know how we missed this one. 1) Dwyane (not a typo) had a forgettable basketball season down in Miami. 2) StarJones is pretty much off our radar screen after not doing anything that cool, really ever. 3) This seemed so far-fetched that we assumed it was from The Onion or some sports-related spoof site. We just bumped into some other nonbelievers at Black Voices and we're more confused than ever. They had an actual picture of Dwyane and StarJones together and not at a party. Weird. Is she trying to get her groove back? Do people still say that? Well, older gals often know a trick or two in the sack, so… We can’t go on with this.

Maybe People’s vaunted BS detector paranoid legal staff is on the fritz, but did someone mention a rumor that Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey are getting engaged? Okay, everybody has had their fun. Let’s just all back away slowly and never mention this ridiculousness ever again. Are there even pictures of them together? What would the Old Dirty Bastard think if he were still alive? Note that People mentioned that Da Brat was in attendance. If Nick Cannon gets knifed, we hope that that little bundle of hip hop love has a very good alibi. SMH, SMH for realsie.

Last week, we didn’t know who Kelly Brook was and now we’re hearing that her now-dead dad told her to breakup with Billy Zane. We also hear that she’s recuperating with her English action star ex, Jason Statham. DigitalSpy reports that that was also part of her father’s wishes. Listen, we know that Billy Zane can be a bit of a rake, cad, gadabout, rogue, nomad, rascal, scamp, scallywag, Black Bart, boor, madcap, heel, and/ or knave but he’s also a cool dude. Sometimes people forget that. Well, if it takes Jason Statham’s over-the-top stunts and tough guy one-liners than you better count Billy Zane out of the competition. He’s too cool for that. Maybe he could start hanging out with Lenny Kravitz.

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