À La Carte DNA Tests

À La Carte DNA Tests

Genetic testing takes some of the guesswork out of relationships.

If you can't fathom how your husband forgot to empty the dishwasher after asking him a fifth time, perhaps a $99 Learning & Memory DNA test will help. A quick cheek swab can reveal if his genes make him a likely candidate for memory loss, or if he's really just daydreaming about deep-sea fishing.

Qtrait offers customers a pick-and-choose menu of traits and tendencies for which a DNA test will tell you if you're prone to have or do, thereby offering a more reasonable option to existing companies like23andme, which offers a complete genetic rundown for $1,000.

In addition to learning if you're a predisposed night owl or early bird, Qtrait can screen your genes to evaluate a higher risk of certain fertility and pregnancy issues, such as preeclampsia. Tests for genetic diseases, which many cultural groups like Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews undergo before marrying or having kids, aren't currently available.


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