Amy Poehler, Less Famous Guy Make A Baby

Amy Poehler, Less Famous Guy Make A Baby

The comedic duo is expecting a little baby in the fall.

Nicely done Kaitlin and Gob. We were just reading Dlisted and Baby Mama costar/ Saturday Night Live fixture, Amy Poehler, has been impregnated by her slightly less famous husband, Will Arnett. Is this the end of an era? Is it possible to be as famously callous after becoming a parent? We just know that anyone who has seen Blades Of Glory is going to be very confused by this. Tina Fey has managed to stay awesome, but she's one of a kind.

And what will this do to her SNL career? Lorne Michaels keeps a high standard for the looks of his (female) players. It seems like new mothers don't make it long on the show (or Fey and Maya Rudolph, anyway). We hear that the pace (during on-weeks) is pretty non-conducive to family. We think the only answer is to bring Arnett onto the show. He already has a recurring guest role on NBC’s 30 Rock (Devon Banks, the clearly gay executive who marries the boss's daughter), they could clear out some lame's dressing room (though the current SNL cast is pretty much devoid of lames).

It's funny that two of their last starring roles involved surrogate childbearing (Brothers Solomon for him, Baby Mama for her). We wonder if life imitated art and she's got Tina Fey's egg with Will Forte’s sperm germinating (do babies germinate?) inside of her. Either way, that’s going to be a fun house to grow up in but in some ways darker than the Tim Burton-Helena Bonham Carter house. The kid will probably rebel by getting into action movies or laughing at Ray Romano’s jokes.

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