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Single, Married, or Open Married?

Single, Married, or Open Married?
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Social networks adopt the latest relationship trend.

I spent this weekend in a self-inflicted chick flick coma. After spending Saturday with Juno MacGuff and Princess Giselle, I got sucked into Lifetime's "I Do" Marathon on Sunday. Probably not the best way to spend a weekend, especially when your job on Monday is to make sure to publish the sequel to Jenny Block's incredibly popular "Portrait of an Open Marriage".

After 48 hours of Prince Charmings and white weddings the transition could have been jarring except for a startling discovery I made this weekend. Turns out that you can identify your status on StumbleUpon as being in either an Open Relationship or Open Marriage. I was a little surprised by the options, as I've never met anyone who defined their relationships that way. (Apologies to Jenny & Dan who I've only "met" virtually.) They're not alone -- you can declare yourself in an open relationship on Facebook too. Well, I guess if Dolly Parton is doing it then the rest of the world can't be too far behind.


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